Vaitiare Raymond

Website6My name is Vaitiare Raymond. I began my medical career as a back office assistant and it was there, on my externship, that I fell in love with billing and collections. I started in a small family practice, with front desk responsibilities and quickly began my climb up the ladder. Now, HERE I AM at Matthew Cohen’s office, since February, 2013.

I became a Certified Medical Biller in 2008. I am very confident that my experiences and responsibilities in the back office, at the front desk, and in various medical fields, are the reasons I have become a successful Medical Biller. Those roles gave me a great insight on how each job is important on it’s own.

In the Billing Department, I provide medical billing and collections, performing all day to day billing functions for the physician’s practice. This includes claims submission, payment posting, claims follow-up, patient statements and medical accounting. I am also happy to help with any billing problems or questions from patients.